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Vicky Wenn (Managing Director)


I have been running the Yate Pet Sitters franchise for almost 3 years now.  It is a dream come true for me as I have such a passion for animals and their welfare.  I originally found out about pet sitting when I was going on holiday and couldn't stand the thought of leaving my dog in a kennel.


Since running the franchise I make every effort to keep customers informed of their pets in their absence and certainly with any concerns even if minor.  I will always go the extra mile as I would expect nothing less for my own pets in someone else's care.  We now have a great team at Yate Pet Sitters and I cannot give them enough credit.  We have all built great relationships and friendships.


I am also pleased to say that my partner (Rob Garbutt) who was previously running the Bristol Pet Sitters franchise has now joined me full time at Yate Pet Sitters as a co-owner.  


Since We started Yate Pet Sitters we have also helped many customers with  basic training, anxiety & dominance issues as well as advice for puppy Issues and through our experiences we have gained a great knowledge of Dog behaviour and an advanced level of training.  


We are always happy to give advice for any animals and commonly help to socialise dogs and puppies as well as give advice for cats and other small animals. We always appreciate your feedback at Yate Pet Sitters via our testimonials page on this website.


Rob Garbutt (Managing Director/Co-Owner)


Being a pet owner myself I know how difficult, worrying and even stressful it can be to leave your pets and this is the main reason I became a Pet Carer myself, being able to offer complete peace of mind to my clients and premium care for their pets is of the upmost importance to me. Making the transition from working as a Fork Lift Truck Driver to becoming self employed and running my own Pet Sitting Business was a huge step for me but one that I will never regret and I feel extremely privileged not only to have a job which I enjoy but to also be able to care for a variety of lovely animals.


Since running Bristol Pet Sitters I now work full time alongside my partner Vicky and the rest of our fantastic team at Yate Pet Sitters.  I have a good knowledge of canine behaviour, much of which has been gained through experience and I am always looking to improve my own skills as a Pet Carer, Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, nothing gives me more delight than to help my clients with their pets. I have many hobbies and interests including Martial Arts, Kayaking, Films, Gardening and Agriculture although most of my time is spent caring for client’s animals as well as my own Pets which currently include a corn snake, a rabbit, 3 cats, 10 Ducks, more chickens than I can count and of course our Chocolate Labrador Duggy.


Duggy (Supervisor)


Duggy is our gorgeous chocolate Labrador.  He is very used to having a vast variety of dogs stay with us and he loves the company of his friends.  He judges all dogs extremely well and is playful with the youthful dogs and he is gentle & submissive to the older generation knowing they may like to have their own space.  


Duggy has helped us to train other dogs many times and will even run to get dogs on walks if they have strayed too far from our side.  He doesn't like any arguments between his canine friends and if he feels play is getting too rough or over excitable he will jump in-between dogs on walks and bark to tell them to calm it down! He is truly one of a kind and a key member of the Yate Pet Sitters team.  He will always look forward to meeting new dogs as well as their owners!


Maria Nash


I live with my partner Paul and my daughter Katie aged 11.  We have two dogs, Daisy (who is a Border Collie) and Riley (who is a Corgi/Jack Russell).  We also have a rabbit, two guinea pigs and some tropical fish.  We are an animal loving family and both Paul and myself have owned or looked after everything at one point or another from Snakes and lizards to hamsters and ferrets.


I have been a legal secretary for two law firms and worked for South Gloucestershire Council as a homecare assistant and more recently as a domestic assistant in a local nursing home.  Unfortunately I got made redundant due to closures but love working with people as much as I love animals.  Paul works for a local packaging firm and has been there for the last 25 years.  Our daughter Katie adores animals and loves spending time walking our two dogs and having cuddles with the rabbit and guinea pigs as much as we do.


Both Paul and myself regard ourselves as hardworking, trustworthy and conscientious people who will always try and go above and beyond what is expected especially when it comes to pet care as we would expect no less for our own pets.  We will always treat others as we would expect to be treated ourselves and hope that comes across when you meet us.


We also love being outdoors and really enjoy our walks so to work for Vicky and Rob doing what we love is great"


Lisa Pope


I live with my husband and two children we have a Siberian Husky and a cat (which is a rescue cat).  We also have some ducks and chickens.


I always had a dog growing up along with a cat, birds, mice, hamsters and fish.  Since owning my own home I have had rabbits, red clawed crabs and an African land snail.  I also have a small amount of experiance with horses and sheep.


I have always wanted to work with animals, just not in a vets or kennels and after having yate pet sitters look after my husky, I realised I had found the job that I had always wanted.  I find this to be a very rewarding job and I love having other dogs to come stay in my home.



Martin Richards


"I've always loved pets since being a kid.  I started off with a couple of gerbils and then some fish.  Later we got our first dog (a black Labrador named Sam).  He was so cute and friendly and loved to swim in the sea at our holiday home near Plymouth, I just loved having a dog.

My family and I have always had dogs and love to go for long walks in the countryside with them.  We have also had a few lovely cats called Joe and currently the lovely Percy.  Percy is ginger with a large white patch underneath and is such a lovely character. He spends his days in the garden looking after his territory and the nights at home snuggled up on our laps.

Before working for Yate Pet Sitters I spent my working life in Bristol doing various call centre work which I enjoyed. I have always loved travel and have been to Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, New Zealand and many more beautiful destinations.

In 2014, after arriving home from Vietnam I fancied a change in work and as I love cats and dogs so much I contacted Yate Pet Sitters and started work with them in September 2014.

I love my new job and it's great to see the joy the dogs get when you arrive and they know they are going for a walk.  I find I get really attached to each of my dogs and love my time with them, also it is great to get to know their owners.

My job is such fun and with lovely dogs and meeting other dog owners on your walks. There is no better job to have."

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