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Yate Dog Day Care

Yate Dog Day Care - £20.00 per day (1 dog) £30.00 per day (2 dogs)


Due to changes in the boarding licence across the UK we are unable to board male dogs which have not been neutered or puppies under 6 months of age.


Dog day care is a highly popular service in the USA and mainland Europe but is not always available for UK dog owners.  It gives clients the opportunity to drop their dog with a host carer for the duration of their working day and collect them when they have finished work.  At Yate Pet Sitters we aim to reverse this trend and offer a complete service.


Dog day care is ideal for owners that leave a dog for a large part of the day whilst at work.  For some dogs our Yate dog walking service is enough to ensure they are content on their owners return, however, some dogs require an extra level of care throughout the day.  This gives them the security of being in a pack.


With this service clients get peace of mind that their dog/s will be walked, fed (if needed) and given all the attention they need, including group socialisation. All of our host carers are stringently vetted, fully insured and have secure gardens.  You will get to meet the carer first so you are happy with the environment you will be leaving your dog/s in. The carer will look to mimic your routines and try to use the same commands as you.


We have a limit of 4 dogs per carer, per day.  This ensures that dogs benefit from being in a social unit and can play throughout the day.  The group is also small enough to ensure first rate care and attention.